Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why Hire a Realtor?
Why hire a Realtor when you can sell a home on your own?
Top ten reasons;
1.We are experienced in contracts to closings...
2. We are held by a standard of ethics and Integrity.
3.We have more marketing options and connection to buyers.
4. We follow up on the process of Inspections, appraisals and home loans and deadlines to ensure a smooth transaction.
5. We work hard to ensure you don't have to worry about anything but relocating.
6. We save you time!! Appointments to show, open houses, marketing, and meeting and discussing options with buyers can be very timely costing you more$ by missing work to answer calls or to show your property.
7. We build relationships in the community, build trust, and have a huge database of trusted buyer contacts.
8. We work for sales=hard workers .Realtors are not on a hourly salary. We must perform exceptionally to get a commission.
9.We know the market the buyers. Their wants, needs. And can advise you on the best approach to a successful sale.
10. It works!!!! It is proven that you are less stressed and earn equally the amount you think you are saving by not hiring a Realtor..
Written by Kathryn Fritsch
10 years experience, great reference s, and proven results...
I am available to start Work ASAP..
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